I wanted to make a cost-efficient light.
I started from visiting the “Lighting Plus.”
I asked them “What is the cheapest LED bulb and the battery?”
I got them. 

IMG_0520 bat

After obtaining the LED light buld and the battery, I dig in the free materials and I found a nice copper pipe and a copper sheet. And I was looking for a switch that I can use to turn on and off. I found a nice knob controller and started soldering wires. At the same time, I cut the copper sheet to make a end cover of the pipe and it became sharp so I stopped dealing with it. I did not know what it would be like until I see the free materials.

L1070228 L1070232
For the battery, I tried to keep the case to protect any electrical connection by the copper pipe.
And as a result, the wiring was something wrong that whenever the wiring is in the pipe, the light was either too dim and not working. 

L1070233 IMG_0491

I brought the multimeter to check the wiring and found that the knob controller was not working.
I think the heat from the solder iron damaged it. So I searched the free materials and looked for the possible switch.
So I found a nice piece of the on/off switch from the circuit of the random electronic left-over.
I unscrewed the piece and started soldering. 

I used a duck tape to hold the pieces for soldering.

As I am looking for the switch, I found a nice arcade button that can be used as a light guide panel.
I first tried to use a piece of MDF to hold the battery.
And As I assembled the parts in the pipe the battery lost connection.

As usual, I searched the free materials and found nice piece of AA battery connector.
So I soldered them on the wires.
IMG_0511 IMG_0513

Finally, I assembled parts with the duck tape.
And here is the nice result. Special thanks to the Duck Tape.
More pictures on doyoki.com
IMG_0516 IMG_0515

Start early because basically in terms of wiring, I made two flash light.

– Duck Tape
– Soldering Iron
– Wire Cutter
– Scissors
– Screw Drivers (Removing the button from the case of the electronic)
IMG_0496 IMG_0497


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