There are thing that I want to keep for the future fabrication:
– Quality -Cost -Schedule is critical issue to look at and pick 2.
– 15~20% of Cost of good sold is needed for making.
– Start from 5~10 factories and slim down to 3.
– MOQ : Minimum Order Quantity
– RFQ : Request for Quote
– BOM : Bill of MAterials

Fusion 360 : It was little fast to catch up all the functions of Fusion 360 at once. I personally had an experience with Autodesk AutoCAD but still it was little fast. Some of the good thing from the AutoCAD is missing but also some of the things are easy to follow and execute like rendering and getting dimensions from the McMaster.


– Glass Gob is attached to the pipe and workers are blowing it to the shape a container. Sometimes the gob is blown at the mold making the shape fit to the mold. Also  it is made in open air using tools to form change color.
– The above video is Korean Company Dong Sung Glass. The video below is french company Waltersperger.

– Since Glass blowing is done by human no machine found but looked for the price of the furnace which is about $37,641.00.
– In terms of coloring the metal powder can effect the air pollution but glass is usually recyclable.

– Injection Molding

Rice look-like Plastic pellets are inserted to the heating machine. The heated liquid plastic is injected to the mold and waits to be formed and removed.
– The Japanese company provides machining is here: http://www.jsw.co.jp/en/products/injection_molding/
– American company is here : http://www.morganindustriesinc.com/

– Stereolithography(SLA)
– It is often found in 3D printer. The light sensitive liquid is solidified by the light. The famous Form1 is done by the laser as the light source. Recently, there are use of LCD/LED projector as the light source which can solidify not dot but the surface of the liquid which is fast.

It is the link to the form lab:  http://formlabs.com/products/form-1-plus/
It is the link to Korean company:  http://www.zenith3d.co.kr/3dprinter/3dprinter.html


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