I teamed up with Viniyata Pany. I and Viniyata wanted to make a game. I made a shooting game where as Viniyata made the fish swimming game. As an idea we decided to put them together and we are happy to develop our game. AND, when it becomes the moment of combining two games, it was difficult. I wanted to figure out and I imagined old games. One thing that I found was that when the game is over, the game is still on, behind the word “GAME OVER.” So I figured to zero the values and set the value from zero. So if mouse clicked, the value is set zero, the things are gone from the screen. Also if mouse clicked the number is set to certain number. That was the solution.

Don : http://www.doyoki.com/project/icm/icm_week3/don/index.html

Team : http://www.doyoki.com/project/icm/icm_week3/team/index.html



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