I used a potentiometer to change the lights. If the analog reading is high the yellow LED is on and if the reading is low then red LED is on.

void setup() {


void loop() {
int potValue;

potValue = analogRead(A5);

Serial.println(“the Value is:”);

digitalWrite (3, HIGH);



I have seen this at the Shack Shake burger. So I can talk about it. The number is implemented in each device. As the food in the kitchen is ready, they match the number and the worker press the number. Simply, as consumer comes assign the device to the order and the consumer. When the food is done, the worker press the number assigned at the cashier. I have seen this in Korea and in terms of size, Korean ones are smaller. Also the advanced version has a LCD screen on it and keep showing the advertisements which I never watch. In terms of Listen, Think(Process), Speak it gives a convenience that people can enjoy the time instead of waiting. However, what I see often at the Shack Shake is people are just standing in front of the box office. It is funny that people are holding the device that can allow people to do something else, but people are waiting. I think it is because people want the food fast. One thing that I am curious about is calling people’s name. If the number is assigned, why would they need name on the order? People want to make sure even though the number is assigned. It can be a marketing skill of friendliness.  Brilliant device but people adopts it and use it with extra actions to accommodate the device. People has an obsessive disorder on making sure. The number device tried to relieve the obsessive disorder but people are now obsessive to the machine if it works sure.
Shack Shake

The Korean One


Another Korean one with LCD.


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