[Sia Mahdavi]

Sia Mahdavi’s lecture was inspiring in terms 3D printer industry. When I met Korean people in the 3D printing industry, usually people were saying that the 3D printer is already entering the recession phase in terms industry cycle because anyone can make a 3D printer if one has stepper motor and PLA, ABS filament is not a big deal in the FDM. Also aside from the time-consuming SLA printer, random Korean college students developed DLP 3D printer. Also outcome of SLS were not accurate enough and not strong enough. As a result, I thought of the 3D printer industry that it is not going to have a big boom/ prosperity phase. However, I faced the  vive movement that will bring the huge prosperity in 3D printer. I saw the vision of 3D software development. What I have seen was just a part of mechanical 3D printing industry. I knew there are small software wave flowing in. The Mimics is the software that take MRI, CT, Micro MRI image into the 3D modeling. As time goes, every industry will be in need of softwares like the Within. The products of 3D printers what we see now in general will be soon match what Sia Mahdav brought in class. It will be accurate, precise and it will be part of any means of living.

[BRITEHUB] I uploaded the files at the Britehub and I got email from VP of the Britehub. I needed to add more information. So I specified color, quantity and etc. Now, I am waiting for the quote.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.52.37 PM


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