So I got this envelop. It was baggy enough to attract one’s sense. It was the sense that often fakes your brain. So I lost against my brain’s thought process. The more baggy, the more complicated, not the more valuable. So the instruction was clear. Following the map while listening to Soundwalk.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.45.14 PM

However, there are rules that I follow. It is because I know how the World works in the random places. I have seen my friend got bitten by the bat on his back of neck while he was walking on the street with earphones on. Lucky enough, he did not get fainted and ran away from the scene. That was in DC in 2006. So, no earphones while walking. So, I listened to this guy before I go to Williamsburg. After listening to his narrative, I searched the Google Map. Howard Gardner called us “the App generation.” Yeap, I needed the Google map before I go somewhere.
Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 4.17.41 PM

I went to the metro station and started the tour. On the way, I met a random ITP friend at the station. Katie Temrowski. It was a nice ride to Hoyt -Schermerhorn Sts because I had a good talk with her. And when I transfered at the Hoyt -Schermerhorn Sts, I met another friend, the MTA Help Point Intercom from SIGI MOESLINGER.



So. I arrived at the Flushing Avenue and went to the starting point, the Green & Ackerman’s Bakery. However, the Google Map showed the wrong place as the Green & Ackerman’s Bakery. So when I was at the Green & Ackerman’s Bakery according to the Google Map, there was nothing but the little scent of the muffins. So I was the slave of the APP. The App Generation has no experience of getting lost in the road. No more “the Home Alone 2.” So, I put myself back into the Y-generation. I grabbed someone and asked a question. Do you know where is the Green & Ackerman’s Bakery? The answer : “skjfekjfqwlflaiufh;euwfh;w.” Yeap, he was speaking in Hebrew. OK, so I looked into the printed map of the Soundwalk and typed in the address on the Google Map. So, finally I found the right spot, yeap it is a mix of Y and APP generation. It took me 30-40 minutes to get to the starting point.

As I am walking, I had an array of thoughts. I kept in the […….] for blogging. I was very uncomfortable to enter the new place. It is common feeling to the people.  Entering to the unknown town, especially if one is from the other country will feel unsafe, worry and uncomfortable. Also, if you are lost in the unknown place, it is even worse. I passed by a bunch of trash dumpsters “NEW YORK HOSPITAL” printed. I stopped breathing as I am passing by. It was bad. I was the Uncomfortable. The Williamsburg has been a place for the Jewish. I was surprised by the school buses because it only had hebrew on them. It reminded me of a lot of towns in the United States. Korea Town, China Town, Little Italy, etc. So these are the places that houses people from the outside comfortably. It is the long time-kept comfortable town of these people who did not try to go out of the comfort zone. The Uncomfortable Enters The Comfort Zone.


So, if I declared the people in the towns are people who did not try to go out of the comfort zone, then what about me? It is a total irony. I felt uncomfortable because I was out of my comfort zone. So from the starting point, I entered the bakery to get comfortable with the environment. 0.05 Seconds of silence and eyes were opened big. When people in their area sees a stranger entering their area is really eye-opening moment. I was also little nervous. However, as I am reaching out to the refrigerator I settled calm so as the other people. I guess it is because I am Asian which made them more surprised. So, I grabbed a Kosher Chocolate Milk and a Pecan Pie.


From the starting point, I looked only at the printed map and continued the tour. Around the corners. So, moving around with the directed map was difficult. Once you turn the corner, you got to turn the map together. So as I am following the map, it was painful to find the right direction. However, once I got used to find a right direction by map, I could enjoy the walk. So, the comfort started soaking my heart little by little. However, one thing still that I could not get was Hebrew signs. I could not tell whether I was in the right position. I became more analog. I looked at the sense of the building and when I was at the in front of Women’s school, I looked over if there are only female students. I was getting comfortable at the town and the process of finding places. In the end, I was still curious about Red Burns’ saying. What does she mean by “get out of your comfort zone?” People are good at adopting and adapting. Once people get used to one thing, then it becomes another comfort zone. I would interpret it as, expanding one’s comfort zone. Expanding one’s thought, perception, conception, stereotypes. People are good at expanding but just afraid of starting the very start of expanding. Just like I have to search the Google maps before.  The tour ended and came back to the NYU. The uncomfortable is now the comfortable.







IMG_1076 IMG_1078   L1070252



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