1. Inspiration
So the final has come. Because of the inspiration from the class, I thought of making an art piece but I just came back to who I am. I wanted a practical stool. Why? I needed one for the balcony.



I wanted a stool. So I thought of making it easily by the press fit which will give an optimal structure.
3. Execution
A. [Panel Saw, Ruler, Speed Square, C-Clamp] I had a plywood panel so I cut them into the identical half. After that, I measured the thickness of the panel so that I can make slit for the press fit.



B. [Machine Saw, Ruler, Speed Square, Drill, Spade Bit] I marked the center slit of the woods and thought of how to make a perpendicular cut. CNC Router would make a nice 90 degree angle but would need a dog bone. So, borrowing from the dog bone idea, I marked holes before cutting. I cut the slit with the machine saw and drilled the holes.



C. [Band Saw] I cut the leftover of the slit with the band saw. After cutting the parallel sides of the slit, I put blades into the hole and turned 90 degrees. Now, I could cut the perfect 90 degree.



D. [Rubber Hammer, Band saw] I put them together and the slit were slightly bigger than the thickness of the plywood. Press fit is only good if it is small but not bigger. So, I cut little sheet of plywood from the band saw and stuck in the slit.



E. [Machine saw, Sander] I found a piece of the plywood at the junk shelf. The piece was meant to be part of the table we often see at the ITP because it had a hole at the center. So, I thought of using the hole as a handle and cut it with the band saw.


F. [Drill Press, Ruler] Since I was going to put the top on the edges of the plywood. I needed accurate measurements. I placed the pillar on the top piece and marked the drill hole marks. So that after drilling, I could put it back on the pillar accurately and put bolts on the edges.


G. [Shank bit, Glue] Since I marked the exact positions before drilling, I could put the pillar back on the top exactly. I glued them and waited to dry. As it got dried, I turned it upside down and drilled counters.



H. [Bolts, Sand Paper] I bolted the top piece on the pillar and sanded the edges and the hole of the stool.



I. [Drill, Bolts] After sitting on it, I found it was not so stable. So I added 4 pieces on the pillar by glueing, drilling, making counter and bolts.


J. [Feet, Bolts] I found the stability is from the feet of the furniture. I used the metal pieces found at the junk shelf and made 4 feet.




K. [Band saw, Plywood, Bolts, Glue, Sander] After finishing it, I sensed the edges of the stool is too edgy. So I sanded the corners round. Also I sensed very little bit of yaw feeling. I guessed it was because of weak press fit. So I added 4 plywood pieces on the sides by cutting 45 degree.









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