1. Thought on the Stream Video.


By reading this article I faced new technology, features newly introduced. For example, facebook has a live-stream feature that now the news feed from the favorite media page is now streaming their contents. Though there is an alert from my phone, I neglect watching streaming from those sources.  One of the reason is the quality. The quality of camera on the smartphone definitely has improved making HD videos but there is a limit in the angle of the view.

Keeping the audience into the small angle of the vision is limiting the natural need of bigger vision. In the movie, it is used as a trick to transfer the situation to the audience like “suffocating in the room scene”but in real life, the angle is important and the smartphones will soon adapt this need and streaming will be boom.


Another aspects of streaming is the need of the interactive-ness. Audience no longer consumes media but also produce the media. In a sense that Netflix is using the big data research to make the contents more appealing to the audience. Not only that, we have the podcast that any people can broadcast their talk. Also we have Soundcloud that anyone can stream their music. The demands on the higher interactivity will soon burgeon the era of streaming.

It is all about money.

We already see some in Korea. The AfreecaTV is a platform that has a main live window with a chatting window. The essence is cyber money which can be given to the person who broadcasts live-stream. The people on the chatroom are spending thousands of money to the broadcasters which motivates them to go very extreme. The guy who eats food will eat food funny, the guy who live streams gaming will keep insulting, the girl will dance over this cyber money. http://www.afreeca.com/ The economy is very important in introducing the new technology. The more money incoming and the more value evaluated, the more streaming will be live.


2. Self-Portrait of myself.


I only used the dreamweaver long time ago which is WYSIWYG.
And now I had hard time understanding the code. I wanted to use the music and the photo combination.
Need to figure out the relationships of the codes and reasonings as time goes.

Here is the code:


console.log(“Debug Messages Here”);

var myaudio;
var myothervideo;
var myPhoto;
function init() {
myPhoto = document.getElementById(“myPhoto”);
myaudio = document.getElementById(“myaudio”);

myaudio.addEventListener(‘timeupdate’,function() {
console.log(“Current Time is: ” + myaudio.currentTime);

if (myaudio.currentTime > 5) {
myPhoto.style.visibility = “visible”;


window.addEventListener(‘load’, init);


<audio id=”myaudio” controls autoplay>
<source src=”http://doyoki.com/project/liveweb/week1/in%20pain.mp3&#8243; type = “audio/mpeg”>




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