Replication VS Appropriation 

Looking at Eve Sussman’s 89 Seconds at Alcazar takes away the imagination of the original Diego Velazques, Las Meninas.
The artist who remake the original piece limits the boundaries of the audience from further interpretation of the work.
Giving a total new and original message through appropriation would be valued highly.

The Concept
Discussion on movement of conception and René Magritte reminded me of Korean culture, now.
Korean, historically the language had borrowed the writing system from Chinese. Many of the words now written in
Hangul(Nowadays Korean writing system) can be written also in Chinese. Because of this history of interchangeable
in Korean writing system between Korean and Chinese, many of the elderly people conceptualize the Korean words
through Chinese words. However, the people in younger are westernized that when they see Korean word, they
interchangeably think of English letter.
<車 – 차 – car>
One argues conceptualizing to Chinese makes more creativity because the complicated Chinese characters have components which compose the meaning of the words where as English alphabet are pronunciation-based.
His proof was given by the fact that the founder of Hyundai conglomerate, Chung never went to the school but only Seo Dang, the elementary school in old days taught nothing but 1,000 words of Chinese characters. However, the other argues the way of education at the Seo Dang was to kill creativity because the process of learning Chinese characters was basically memorizing and memorizing characters quickly were highly welcomed.



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