measured the Width(4.0 inch) and Height(3.0 inch) and Thickness(0.27inch) of the material.
I inserted the numbers in the parentheses above. The cutting area, width and height were rounded down because
having safe area would be better. On the other hand the thickness was rounded up because the material is gonna
have the thickness of tape and it would be better to cut through the material.


I cleaned the spoil bed and the material with acetone. And the tapes were applied.




I placed the material on the bed and put the 1/8″ bit which later caused removal of the material.
So, during the setup on the software side, I had to set fixturing on the bed. So, I removed the material.
And did the fixturing on the bed to zero all the axis. X,Y,Z. I placed the material again and typed in the
values. (I remember that it was possible to zero the Y-axis with the material on it. So, if I re-figured, I
could’ve setup the material first and do the fixturing later.)



I imported the svg file and it started engraving which I did not want to do. So, I stopped the machine and looked at the buttons.
The buttons were black and gray set up which were hard to tell engraving and cut-out mode. Once I got used to it with the software I found that the otherplan is not working well with SVG file. So, I made two different files on is the outer circle and the other is the inside hole. With the beatbreaker mode, I could change the inside holes to cut inside but the virtually it was not shown. I think it is because the size of the inside holes are smaller than the bit size. So, I fixed the radius bigger and made inside cut. However, one thing that I noticed was even I made the two svg files from the same AI file, the inside holes were off the center. So, instead of making separate files, I just placed the file at the optimal position because it is experiment.



Now it was cutting and I put my mouse pointer at the pause button preparing for the emergency stop.
Here is the result.



There is the engraving at the first try-out.




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