[LIVEWEB] WK5 Synchronous Chat

1. We have a common sense in conversation that we keep ourselves quiet when the other person speaks. It is true that overlapping one’s voice over the other is rude. However, we have this social norm implemented in the chatting too. The chatting is synchronous platform and we can read the text as we are typing.  So I want to make synchronous text chatting for the mid term


2. Making an eye contact is truly a great deal because people  look at the non-verbal aspects as a sign of impression. Here there is new technology developed in Korea. The ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)  developed this technology by recreating an 3D image.  Images captured on left and right sides of the display and the depth information by the kinect recreated the 3D image which allowed the eye-contact ability. Here is the news video and the link to the English article. 


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