[SUBTRACTION] WK4 Movable Joinery

I wanted to make a joinery that can change its movement. I was thinking what if I could use it to a chair or a recliner. So I designed the circle as the point of the movement and designed in a way that I can make by contouring and pocketing. IMG_1801

After that, I managed the process at the Mastercam. At the Autocad I used different colors to manage the pocketing and the contouring and I noticed the yellow is not readable at the Mastercam because selection made in the Mastercam is yellow.


IMG_1777  IMG_1779

After generating the G-code, I brought the file into the CNC and it was cutting well.



After cutting, I sanded the edges and the surfaces of the pieces. The hole at the middle piece was tight, so I widened it by a little bit of sanding.


IMG_1786 Since the top part of the joint is good to be tight, I hammered with the rubber hammer to join them together. However, I hammered a bit harder on one point, it had a cracking sound on the side.  IMG_1787

Conclusion. I noticed that in terms of height, there is a lot of difference between the number that I plugged in with the actual size because the pocketing was a cutting, basically tearing off the board a lot.






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