I started with a chair at the Autocad and later changed to the table. I named it as the Doberman Table because the black legs of the table remind me of the Doberman breed canine.



At the master cam, I made three different G code because I had three different pieces of woods. Having multiple woods created multiple G codes. However at the CNC, it was much easier because I basically set the woods all together at the bed of the CNC. As CNC finishes one job, I switched the XYZ zeros to the new board and started cutting with the different files.


Here you may see the black wood is aligned next to the second piece.



The pieces came out nicely except the black laminated piece was painful to get it out. The laminated was not cut clean I had to cut manually. After Cutting manually, I sanded the edges which torn off some of the laminates. So the parts which got torn off are placed at the inside of the table.


In terms of an assembly, I made pockets bit smaller which is better than bigger. Getting all 4 pieces into the 4 holes was painful. I sanded them and it was now loose by hair. It was fit but easy to remove too. So I glued the top 4 pockets. Here is the result.




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