As Lee Sedol and Alpha go matched the go, I was wondering what is it that actually makes the AI humane. I could not stop thinking of that question after the interviewer questioned me. I thought of the AI as a coordinator, like a butler in between human conversation. And now we have the Alpha go winning against human intuition and creativity.

My own experience with AI is based on the Siri. Siri is very limited voice recognition system and when it revealed humane trait like beatboxing people are excited. So, in human nature what is it that makes my best friend more friendly than the others? What is it that makes my mother more special from others?

And I concluded with three results.

One is the language. The language in context differentiate the best friend from others. “F***” is something that my friend would dare to use it to me and that exotic language creates the humane trait, friendliness.  Even though my friend use the word, he does not mean it and I know it, too. The language after trust building is the key to the humaneness. Then we would question how we are going to create the trust between a human and the AI. It is simple. Human brain loves to illude human choices.

Another is the character. In context, sarcasm is well played in human conversation. AI, Siri we have experienced is simply a circuit pressing a button on and off. And the Siri is simply answer to those requests. If Siri was a friend there would be no fun at all because he/she will do whatever you asked for. The character that creates a mild friction against human request is humane.

The other is questioning. Questioning human’s request, decision and nudging to the optimal solution is something we experienced from the mother. Mother never force you to do something but questions your decision, behavior and leads to the second thought, behavior. Often that nudging works well and it builds a trust and a reliability. The AI in the future would not tell you “your decision of getting a soda will increase 90% of chance to get fat.” rather either “how about get a orange juice” or “so you wanna get f**ing fat, bro.” humanely.



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