So I thought of using aluminum rod which had a thickness of 1 inch. The Roland told me it would take 8.1 hours. So I changed the material to hard wood and it became 1.1 hours. So, I needed the hard wood dowel. So, I searched on the junk shelf and found a perfect sized piece. However, when I measured the thickness, it was 1.218. So I put number into 1.22 and it became 1.8 hours. By adding 0.2 inch of thickness it increased the time by 0.7 hours!!




I placed the dowel at the CNC machine. I was little worried that I gave it a little more push on the X-axis when it is holding which later found out too much pressure.


After setting up the software with 1/8 inch bit I placed the bit. Because the piece that I made was small I needed collet that fits.


Since I set up the software first, I was able to see the minimum length of the bit placed. So as I am placing the bit, I used the caliper to have optimal length which was 0.73.



I zero the X and Z. As zeroing the Z axis, I rotated the control counter clockwise to speed up the jogging move.


Now everything was all set. I executed the job cutting.


Here now I could see the teeth coming out.




I had a sense that the dowel might break as the supports are getting thinner because when the rotating bit is at the far left end there was a louder noise. The bit was touching the surface barely bit more than it should because of the pressure. So I thought, there must be a shrinkage by the pressure on the left side. And as the finishing job finishes, there was a crack twisted the dowel.


So I paused, stopped the spindle and stopped the entire job. I open up the motor case to prevent any sudden move.


I cut the supports with the band saw and sanded off the rough ends.   20160403_211243

Result: One thing that I was surprised was the CNC cut the object as a cylinder. It cut with multiple linear paths as the object is rotating by 1-3 degree. My expectation was since the object is similar to a box, it would cut 4 faces as rotating every 90 degrees. So I wonder if I can fake the material as a wooden box and only needs upside and downside cut so that I can compare the time cutting.





Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.32.03.png


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