I talked with Rubin about his project Note Constellation. It was about using a human finger to map the constellation and making sound from it. The link is here: http://www.rubinhuang.com/noteconstell/
As I am drawing this on the board, I had my own imagination and Rubin tried to explain the project. After this when I looked at his work, I found it was somewhat conceptually connected but not depicted realistically.



I am in the Future of New Media and I am in the project with Renata and Katie. So from this teamwork, we had a discussion on a final presentation with the professor, Art. Here we drew a timeline and from here we needed to elaborate our future scenario. I picked up the marker to map the thoughts of us. Also our team member wrote down the necessity that we need to put in a future scenario. Here I felt it was like an ongoing interviews because whoever picked the marker listened and understood the other’s talking. Also being a part of the team answered my question of balance. My imagination and other’s imagination needed to meet same here to move on because we needed to be on the same page where as when I was the interviewer and the other is interviewee we had a untold agreement to be humble and be patient.  Also it limited the the room of imagination, visuals.


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