So this time, I wanted to make something that 4axis CNC can do an accurate job. The most accurate product? A phone case. So, I searched the google to find the dimensions of the phone and I could not find it. So, I used the caliper to measure and sketched the model in the AutoCAD.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.14.48

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.15.14

And since I have done the work with the cylinder, I used the Walnut stock from Ben. I put the x-axis number same as the measurement that I got from the actual phone and kept the ratio of the model at the Roland software to match.


I measured the stock and applied the thickest measurement to the Roland software.


I placed the stock and zeroed X and Z.


I used the 1/4″ for roughing and 1/8″ for finishing.



It stopped cutting and in between different bit sizes. So as a whole I switched the bit for three times. For the upper I switched the bit to 1/8″, back to 1/4″ and finally to 1/8.” And in-between I cleaned the Z-axis checker.




As the down cut finishes its roughing it made a hole.


After finishing, I noticed it did not cut the out side. So I checked the Roland again. I changed the thickness of the tab and tried this and that. But it just showed me that only if my bit is 1/16″ it would cut the outside. So, I couldn’t go further from here.


Another thing that I noticed was the tip of the edge was cut in 90 degrees which I designed as a 30 degree angle.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.15.14


I tried to place my cell phone in and I found the buttons are measured differently. So, I used the chisel to modify it because I wanted to see the accuracy of the cut; 20160409_200650.jpg


I fit the phone inside and I was surprised it was perfectly fit.



Note: the collet at the 4Axis was loose so as I am removing the bit I placed my index finger holding the bit preventing from falling and breaking. And as I am applying force to the wrench it peeled off my finger. Next time I will find a better system like placing a hat or something soft at the bottom.



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