LINK1 : Yes

LINK2 : Grace – You Don’t own me.mp3

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 23.33.33

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 23.34.25

The graphic is from the WEBGL of P5.JS. I made a music composed with FL Studio which is YES. The other is Grace’s recent music, You don’t own me. So, YES conveys my thought process well.

The music is continuously in loop. The musical sense is in a normal state that audience enjoys the music. Once the user is curious about the interaction, it might click. As the user click the mouse button, there is a transition to other view.

If that view is in temptation one will continuously click to explore as the the other music interferes the sense of normality.

And if one keeps clicking on the mouse the music will trans into abnormal state which will lose the sense of the music but it will be a noise.

As a result, I named the work, Curiosity.

♦ Technical Note: I used the Tone.js, P5.js and WEBGL. The boxes are outcome of analyzer of the tone.js that the box’s XYZ dimensions are stretching and contracting and also it rotates related to the analyzer. Also, when the mouse is pressed, the camera is triggered related to mouse X and Y positions.



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