[Project Development] WK2


1.  It is a VR project targeting to an accurate interface which can appeal to the business industry.

2. Gear VR : $150.00

Leap Motion UNIVERSAL VR DEV BUNDLE : $100.00

USB -C to USB 3.0 dongle, cables: $50.00

Total $300.00

3. I want to enter the world of the VR industry with this prototype. Also, academically, the prototpye will help to think in a cutting-edge technology which is developing.

4.I want to implement the free hand experience combined with the VR. The free hand can give a number of hand gestures which can bring an accuracy in the function.

From the project, I can learn and experiment the new way of user Interface and user experience   of the VR.

5.The number of user testing will tell whether the user interface is valid or not. Also it will tell whether this project creates a better user experience or not.

Reference of the Project:







  1. Stefani

    This seems like a business plan except i have no idea what business you’re targeting and how this product will translate into a more profitable business. Who are you making this for? Why? How do you know they will want to buy it? Who will you user test this on? I would strongly suggest you think about the WHY before you get too far along on the HOW…


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