20160917_190153Making Immersive VR

So, I have been interested in the height of the vision  that I wanted to try the vision at the lower level. So I made the VR with the vision of the dog. I used the fig rig, rope and paper cups. 20160917_162917

First , I gave it a test shot with the fig rig. I wanted to cover the fig rig from the Theta’s view.  So I used the paper cups to cover up the fig rig and it made sense that dogs sometimes wear a collar for the medical purpose.


Second, I added a rope to make it more realistic. After the first shot, David suggested the existence of human interaction with the dog. So, he was on the shot with great acting which made the VR in great immersiveness. When I watched it with the Google cardboard, I felt like David is touching on me. I asked Paula to try it and she also said she felt like someone is touching. David brought up a perspective that there is no active will in the experience. It made the user feel passive.

LINK to the Youtube


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