This week I made two different VR project. One is radio+light(MAC), and the other is Leap motion + light(Windows).

I triggered light on and off function by measuring the distance between thumb and index finger. Also I worked on the touch screen triggers the audio and light.

The VR movie that I picked id the Matrix which was the Ghost in the Shell.

The Matrix itself has many tools that have messagea. It is religiously interpreted, philosophically discussed. Neo is the Messiah and the matrix depicts the Aristotle’s cave. The VR depicted in the Matrix is living in the VR with every sensible attributes are live. The movie shows the future of the VR that people are now making VR with fan creating wind, walking treadmill and etc. However, as DARPA released a new research that human brain connectivity can control physical robot and also human brain detects which robot finger is in touch, in near future, human will connect its brain to the computer and control VR space without utilizing human muscles. 


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