[NETWORKS] WEEK9 RESTful BLE Sensor Tag Easter Egg Game

Jonnie and I need to make the Scavenger/Easter Egg game. There are Left and Right teams looking for the sensor tags and by press the left and right button it will generate letters. From the letters generated teams have to guess the word.





First, we used the noble to get bluetooth peripherals and as a server. The client is the browser which generates the word from the array. The noble was not able to get data of the sensor tag buttons but data.name could define the “SensorTag.” So we combined sensortag library. However, even if we could define the uuid and the button, we wanted to limit multiple usage of the sensor tags. So we needed to match the uuid of the sensor tags to the server. And since the uuid is defined by the server not by itself, we could not use other PC to scan the sensor tags.

So we limited the map of the game in range of the server PC.



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