Content of electricity is not present. It reminds me of Steve Jobs lecture on marketing. He talks about Nike that it is not selling shoes but it is just complementing great athletes. “Think Different” is what apple sold. The context, not a machine. Surprisingly, here at ITP we are looking for the context, not technology itself which does not have any context. Now, smartphone is a media that fills in our lives from early morning to late night. As Machine Learning improves people will be either diving into the trend or swimming against the trend. People who suck up the convenience of the Machine Learning will follow the big data-driven patterns that Machine Learning provides. On the other hand, people just like me who want to keep their originality even though enjoying the convenience of Machine Learning will keep asking for the unexpected outcomes and will try to trick the Machine. And instead of being a total consumer, they will enjoy being a prosumer that can use and produce a new trend with the benefits of the Machine Learning.


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