Long-tail reminds me of the other principle, Pareto principle. Also blockbuster theory that investing capital mostly on top 20% will get the 80% of the revenue.

Creation of monetary value out of knowledge/culture/affect is very common in this era. Uber recreated shared-ride industry with a new culture. Tweaking traditional and social norm will create a new market and it will also create new free labor to employees. One of the examples is a shadow labor which is happening to the customer side.  Customers uses ATM to get their own money. Also we pick up our own coffee from starbucks rather than waiting for the servers.


“Levy, we are passing from a Cartesian model of thought based on the singular idea of cogito (I think) to a collective or plural cogitamus (we think).”

“system of industrial machines as a horrific monster of metal and flesh”

So I am bit skeptical about this idea of Grundrisse. People worrying about industrialization of the labor as a part of Grundrisse. However, when we actually face the true automated labor-free factory people argue unemployment of labor. Should we looking for the balance, not going total automation? Which I think we can’t just like Adidas’ new factory in Germany.


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